Getting bz

Days come to weeks and then to months.. year? x dtg lg.. hehee.. Life kt sini tersgt la bz spai aku dh xnampak bende len dh selain keje.. N imagine la, spai aku nk ke induction program pn bos x leh lepaskan lg since aku tgk stuck ngn project. Well of coz la induction tu can postpone to another month since tiap2 bln ada program induction.. yg berbeza mebi the venue jela.. Cant wait for mine sbb leh beriadah2 n berjalan2.. Dis month diorg wat kt putrajaya je... lame.. aku leh g sendiri xpyh nek bas kalo ke situ.. tp postpone so mebi next mth or tgklaa.. Plus aku kena attend course yg aku kena choose.. Ingat nk amik course sql tp still cr tpt yg sesuai n timing yg sesuai.. Kalo x sql mebi amik course VB or Cold fusion.. Semua bende kena plan dr skang n let my bos know so she will not plan nthing for me at that period.. Mslhnya suma course mesti spai a week. n awl thn sgtla melambak dh job in queue.. Nampaknya postpone lg la spai 2nd quarter..

N kesibukan aku ngn nombor2 membuatkan aku malam pn mimpi nombor.. haha.. dok pk cane nk kuar report. Uish bende2 mcm ni kena check tersgt byk kali since its a risk report. N for me to pull out all the data from the multiple server,db sgtla penin.. nk mencr relationship kena tya sana sini.. Xpe skang its a learning phase.. For me to learn everything...

Hmm tu jela for now.. dh lama x menulis blog sbb tu wat gak entry.. daa

ps: azam baru sy. nk jadi manusia yg baik. xmo emo2 dah. bole x?.

Being defensive

When people start to be defensive, we start to think that mebi there is something. If u had nothing to hide, or nothing to be ashamed of, u'll be honest with evryone. But life wasnt that simple. Sometimes things turn out the way u never expect it. U want to change things, but its not totally up to u to decide how it will goes. As for me am trying not to be one..

"I juz miss my family trip to sarawak. all of my siblings not going coz evryone got things to attend to. So only mak n ayah went there. They had fun as they said. They bought us some souvenirs too(btul ke ejaan tu?).. Hahha.. And lots of cake and ikan masin too for their fren.. i'm glad they were happy, coz that makes me happy too.. But I do really really want to visit sarawak. mebi some other time. Ill bring along all my siblings if i've get the chances.."

New Year Activities

Happy New Year.. Its 2010.. This is my first blog for dis year.. Hope to blog a better me and a better luck for this year.. amin..

Hmm now still bz with my new job.Starts code's with cold fusion plak. It's like other code gak juz the syntact is diff. Last week, friday 1 january there was a kenduri tahlil held at my kuantan home. Even not too many invitation but a lot if people came. Almost 100++. Lucky my mak prepared food for 100++. As my ayah told my mak the invitation for 30 ppl only.. Hehehe. my ayah cant stop inviting his fren to the kenduri, n my mak invite a few of her fren only. yala if they two invite all of their fren, then our house is not suitable for it, maybe need to set up a canopy or tent plak.. hehe.. And the funny things was all my mak fren came to me and whisper "Ingat kenduri tunang kaklong ke..".. Hahaha.. yala, im praying for that gak.hehe.. Hmm even im not in a really good mood when im headed back to kuantan but evrythings turns out ok when i reach kuantan home. Am so happy to be with my family. Plus lots of ppl came by to our kenduri so surrounding by all this people makes me forgot about my ownself.. :)

And after the kenduri, the cleaning session starts. Luckyly all my neighbour helps. What leaved out only to store all the dishes back to the kabinet. and by evening everything is done. A forgot to mention that the kenduri held after breakfast at 10am. It's differ from other kenduri, exceli this is the first time we're doin it in the morning.. But bcoz of that lots of ppl can come coz no comitment in the morning.. Hmm and my days at ktn fill with biziness.. My lil bro, kamal were going to PLKN that saturday, so the whole friday evening we headed to town to find his stuff. I think kamal got the biggest bag for man's category since were the kakak who pack his stuff.. haha.. girls we prefer to pack more to avoid unfortune things..

So saturday morning we all, the whole family sent kamal to the stadium, where all other plkn trainees assemble. Hmm my mak as usual cries.. well we undertnd mak feel sad bcoz after this there will only be her and ayah at home..hehehe.. but evrything was ok. .Kamal is safe at plkn pasir mas, daerah kaklong ok!! kangkung!! ever heard of that distrint?.. well this is my first time.. seriusly, there was a distrinct call kangkong. hahha... and kem name?.. cancun park.. the place is nearby thailand as we've been told. will go and visit kamal another time.. pity him.. training in the jungle i guess.. hehehe..

So that's all. almost 2 now.. back to work.. will update if anythin later.. daaa..