Kaki Bukit Kinabalu

Yup, it been a while since my last blog update. A bit lazy on life update i guess. hehe.. Hmm latest occasion, just got back from our holiday at KK, sabah.. Went there last october n only now have time to actually blog about it.

So, here we go.. This is how I remembered it.

1st day:-

6am : off to air asia airport,

10am++ : reach KK, Sabah. Jalan2 di pasar philiphino. Buy dikma, mak n myself a pearl bracelet. Nice one. Just a reminder, make sure u bargain for the price. We got ourselves a really good price,.

1pm : off to Kundasang, kaki bukit mt kinabalu. Yes, we rent out a "Kancil" to go there. Im the one driving since its manual and Im more familiar with it. Yes, imagine us "hiking" on our way to kundasang with kancil.. hehehe.. Reach there after 2hours of driving (we go very slow as we're not familiar with the road). And when we were up there (Kundasang), the view were marvelous!!!.. And its cold too. Make sure you bring ur shawl or sweater up there..

3pm : visiting dairy farm.

Us at the dairy farm, u can see mt kinabalu at our back

6pm : Check in to the hotel, Puncak Borneo Resort.