Baby no 2 is on the way

Ye, as my post title, we are expecting our 2nd baby. Yay, alhamdulillah. Syukur ya Allah atas nikmat yang diberikan.. Yes, we do not plan for this, kind of berserah and terima if rezeki sampai awal. And betul, memang terkejut it came this early.. Hehee.. But syukur..

Ok, start tau im pregnant masa fasting month. Masa tu i have this cramp at my b**bs and stomach ache like period pain. Masa tu dah cuak. Eh, this is the same symptom i felt during my first pregnancy with Azim. Ok cool lagi. Tak check pun since Azim masa tu like 7 month kot.. So my period memang dah start datang after Azim 4 bulan.. So waiting for my period to come, and still nothing.. And bende paling pelik!. Azim start to refuse direct feeding. Yes, im still breastfeed Azim at that time. Dia punya menangis when I try to feed him is like kena smack. Ok, weird.. So instict said, I should go test. Lucky azim memang minum susu formula dah masa tu since my stock memang dh kurang..

So esoknya, during office hour (xmenyempat), tterus beli pregnancy test kit tu and test dekat office. Ok lawak, x sempat balik rumah.. hahaha. I was late for 2 weeks masa tu.. And jeng2, clear 2 line. Macam terbeliak gak mata tapi memang dh expect result macam tu.. Terus whatsapp pic test tu pada my husband. He ask me, eh this is new ke.. And I said yes yes and yes....

So my husband first word was Alhamdulillah,, dia gelak.. Rezeki.. Kami terima.. Yes memang azim masih kecil lagi but we want him to have friend to play with. And my mission memang nak beranak dulu and then I can concentrate on my career. So alhamdulillah.. 

And now I am on my 19th week if pregnancy. Alhamdulillah sangat, this time it is an easy and smooth pregnancy for me. Now I can enjoy eating and still can take care of Azim even though I am pregnant, Tak tahu macam mana happynya myself sebab Im fit during pregnancy. Allah permudahkan since I have Azim to take care of.. Syukur...

Doa semoga selamat and dipermudahkanla sehingga kelahiran adik baby. Adik baby, see you next year and grow strong ok, Mummy and ayah and abang Azim cant wait to see you. We love you so much.. :)